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How To Use A Mala

There are different fingers used with the Mala which relate to different parts of the brain. They are like jumper cables! By running the Mala over the meridian point of each finger, you are creating Mudra which have varying results. The meridian point is located on the side of each finger between the tip and the first knuckle:

Index finger (Jupiter) - wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity

Middle finger (Saturn) - enhances patience

Ring finger (Sun) promotes health and vitality, and builds the nervous system.

Little finger (Mercury) - communication skills and intelligence

A Mala can be used with either hand. Start with the bead next to the Guru bead. As you repeat a mantra, move each bead with the thumb towards the body over the meridian point. The Guru bead descends and eventually ends up being also the last bead of your meditation. As you hold the Guru Bead repeat your mantra and make a final prayer. To begin again, turn the mala around without the help of the other hand. Move the beads towards you and continue your mantra. Remember to always listen to the sound you are creating.

Using your Mala with a mantra: When reciting a mantra, You may use any affirmation, name or mantra of your choice. The recitation of your mantra may be done out loud, in a whisper (voice of the lover), or silently. Be sure to hold the mental visualization of your projected image as well. Meditations can be done sitting in a simple posture or casually going about your day. Remember that each stone has its own special quality and will help hold and project these images. Mala's and stones have been used for meditation and healing for millennia so pick the Mala and the stone which best suits your needs and goals. Your Mala is personal to you.  Keep it in a silk or satin pouch when not in use. Protect those crystallized sacred vibrations and the integrity of your gemstones!

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