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It has been said that each gemstone holds several healing properties. This summary lists the most well known benefits of some of our favorite gemstones used in Malas.

Agate: powerful healer, grounding but energetic, aid to the digestive system, also good for any depression.

Amazonite: cooling and soothing to the nervous system, helps strengthen the heart and physical body, good for anyone involved in the Arts, good for arthritis balances thyroid and adrenals, good for hair loss and brittle nails, communication stone.

Amber: one of the two stones that stabilizes and helps awaken kundalini energy (life force); healing, soothing, harmonizing, stimulates  altruistic nature, clears family patterns and karmic debris, good for digestion and sealing of the aura after clearing, mitigates asthma.

Amethyst: heart healer, strengthens endocrine and immune system, helps mental disorders, promotes purification of consciousness, helps release higher potentials, higher meditation and psychic abilities, addictive behaviors and thought patterns, skin problems.

Angelite: cooling, peaceful, calming, shifts the aura to shades of blue, bringing higher states of consciousness

Aquamarine: calms nerves, cooling, good for fluid retention, brings clarity and creative expression, good to clear fears and phobias.

Aventurine: aids in releasing anxiety and fear, brings emotional tranquility, brings health, wealth and prosperity.

Azurite: enhances psychic ability, helps stimulate oxygen in the body, helps muscle tissue, brings prosperity.

Bloodstone: often called the ‘sacred healer’, awakens and stimulates the movement of kundalini energy, good for healers and healing, good for the blood, alleviates emotional and mental stress, instills courage, good for bringing balance to the internal organs, anemia, depression.

Carnelian: aids tissue regeneration, a powerful physical healer, facilitates concentration, opens the heart, brings courage and joy, brings vitality, facilitates detoxification and  breaking negative patterns, good for circulation.

Citrine: powerful physical healer, improves circulation, good for digestion, relieves anxiety, self esteem, attracts abundance and enhances alignment with the higher self, brings protection and expansion, stimulates the mind for learning, helps to achieve goals and bring success, improves circulation.

Coral: good for internal balance, internal organs, protection from the ‘evil eye.’

Crystal: purifies the space, increases the strength in one’s aura, holds memory; receives, activates, stores, transmits and amplifies energy; brings success; powerful healer!

Fluorite: improves absorption of vital nutrients, grounds excess energy, greater concentration, good for meditation.

Garnet: love, compassion, enhances imagination; strengthens, purifies, vitalizes and regenerates bodily systems; good for the executive mind.

Hematite: positive effect on the bloodstream, good for stress, helps circulate oxygen in the body, energizing, enhances personal magnetism, grounding, good for aches and pains.

Jade: strengthens heart, kidneys, immune system; helps cleanse blood; increases longevity, fertility and prosperity; aids in eye disorders; peaceful and nurturing.

Jasper: strengthens liver, gallbladder, and bladder; powerful healer aids in treatments and recoveries.

Lapis Lazuli: activates thyroid gland, releases tension and anxiety, energizes throat chakra, brings mental clarity; protection and expansion, enhances psychic abilities.

Lepidolite: aids muscles, strengthens heart, creates emotional and mental balance, aids sleep.

Malachite:-aids the functions of pancreas, heart and spleen, reduces stress, aids in tissue regeneration, aids in sleep, brings prosperity and protection from negative energy, asthma.

Moonstone: powerful healer, unblocks lymphatic system, relieves anxiety and stress, aids birthing process, helps ease female problems, aligns emotions with the higher self.

Opal: powerful healer, aids eyesight, emotional balancer, enhances intuition, heals the heart.

Pearl: projects a royalty and brings calm, peace, and internal balance; the internal organs receive balance, as well; good for stomach, helps one align with the subtle body

Rhodonite: good for the heart; brings positive self image and improves memory.

Rose Quartz: the love stone, increases fertility, heals love issues and opens the heart to love and relationships; clears stored anger and jealousy; reduces stress and facilitates compassion calms the mind from fear and past emotional trauma, alleviates aches and pains.

Smoky Quartz: strengthens adrenals, increases fertility, balances sexual energy, aids in depression; grounding, centering, good for meditation; enhances dream awareness and channeling abilities.

Tiger Eye: good for digestive organs and the colon; emotional balancer, grounding and centering; blood purifier and brings vitality, asthma.


Topaz: tissue regeneration, detoxifies the body and nervous system; warming; strengthens thyroid gland; enhances the metabolism; cooling, soothing; awakens abundance and brings success.


Turquoise: brings great joy; tones and strengthens the body; aids circulation to lungs and respiratory system; enhances meditation and creative expression, communication, compassion and forgiveness.


The Four Healing Stones: often called the Tantric mala, the mala with the Four Healing Stones was given by Yogi Bhajan and it combines the healing energy of Lapis, Turquoise, Carnelian and Coral.                           


©Kudrat Kaur Khalsa, 2010. All rights reserved

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