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Create Your Own Mala

Custom design your own Mala!

Kudrat Kaur Khalsa, (affectionately known as "The Mala Lady") has done an extensive study of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Mantra, Mudras and the many properties/powers of Gem Stones.

Stones can be powerful, active tools for meditation as they contain and concentrate the energies and beauty of the earth.

Remember that numbers are important, and that Mala's are always done with a main bead, or Guru Bead, at the end with a silk tassel. We use multiples of 9 beads up to 108, which can also be exquisite, powerful wearable jewelry!


Many stones are also thought to be affected by the planets of our solar system!


The colors of stones are also important in realizing not only their beauty, but their healing effects. Colors have long been found to have many effects on our minds and our thinking. For example, the color Pink, thought to be ruled by Venus, has been found to be soothing and healing for the heart, bringing thoughtful projections of love; whereas Red, having an influence from Mars, has been found to be more aggressive, or bold, and helps to bring courage.


Stones can be made of minerals or gems, and can also be organic, such as Amber, which is said to help raise the energy levels in the body; or Coral and Pearl, which have been said to bring balance to the mind and to the internal organs of the body. Some people even like to use a few birthstones when creating a personal Mala.

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